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What noisy brakes may be telling you

The only noises many drivers ever want to hear coming from their vehicles are the sounds of their favorite songs blasting from their car...

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Tips to safely sell a car on your own

More and more auto buyers are considering and ultimately purchasing preowned vehicles. According to the Bureau of Transportation...

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When should you replace rotors and brake pads?

The ability to accelerate and steer freely is vital to vehicle performance. Equally crucial is being able to stop the car to avoid...

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Why is tire rotation so important?

Vehicle owners need to keep maintenance in mind to ensure their cars and trucks are operating at peak capacity. Various components should...

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How to maintain a car that’s rarely driven

Driving habits changed significantly in 2020. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 forced many professionals to work from home...

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What maintenance schedule does my car need?

Vehicle maintenance schedules vary depending on manufacturer recommendations. In addition, the way a car is driven and the environment it's...

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Signs headlights may need to be replaced

Automobiles require a little TLC to stay on the road and operate efficiently. When vehicle maintenance is ignored, vehicles operate less...

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Car trouble? Check the fuse box

Modern automobiles are technological marvels that rely on electrical components more than ever before. According to The Family Handyman,...

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How older drivers can approach vehicle maintenance and social distancing

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in the winter of 2019-20 required people of all ages and backgrounds to make changes in...

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